Lets Do The “TWISTER” Tuesday, Jan 27 2009 

Welcome back to W.H.A.R. again everyone. I hope you enjoy the latest review/guide I’m putting up today. This time we’ll all take a look at Twister. Its not for everyone, it is for those dark Chosen Champions of Tzeentch and for their counterpoint, a Knights Of The Blazing Sun. Twister lets you do several things.

1. Easily “twist” 3 of your abilities.

2. Monitor the time remaining of the aura/buff

3. Re-apply your aura/buff

4. Set a hotkey to twist three with one button.

Now some addons have a lot of features, some necessary and some not. Twister has none of the bells and whistles you don’t need. It just has what you need to do a specific job.  I was very impressed with how easy it was to set up. In under 2 minutes i was twisting 2 spells on a low level Chosen I rolled to test this addon.

1. Download and install Twister 

2. Once in game you will see a small blue  rectangular box with a black square box in front of it. Use the layout editor to move it where you want.

3. Right click the box and you should get a little window with 3 slots should pop open.

4. In that box there is a little entry area with a number. This is where you set your hotkey. I have my hotkey set to hotbar button 120. In your key mapping menu under the war button in game you can set hotbar button 120 to whatever you choose. I set it to activate it when I hit 0 on my number pad. 

5. Play the game now, if you configured it correctly you should cast an aura when you hit your assigned button. After you cast one, wait for the cool down and hit the button again. You can also click the buttons on the new bar to activate one if you like.  You’ll notice the icons will move across the bar relative to how much time is left on the canceled aura. The currently active one will be in the box. You should also take note, the background box will black out untill the cooldown is expired.

6. Experiment around with cast order, placement of the bar and your hotkey till you find something that works well for you. Come on baby, go twist 🙂


ISAssistTracker – All Aboard The Assist Train Saturday, Jan 17 2009 

Welcome back to W.H.A.R.  again everyone , this time we take a look at ISAssistTracker , a good addon for assist training and raiding.

One of the most effective ways to kill someone is to assist train them to death. It also plays a large role in how dungeons are run, and basically assisting helps you win. The following addon should help with that. Frankly a system like this should have been implemented from the start and made native to Warhammer.

ISAssistTracker lets you set who you would like to assist. If you are in a coordinated group or warband, the leader can set them for you. Its fairly simple to do once you get the hang of it, but it could use a little improvement assigning main assists and their respective targets.

First Install the addon and make sure you have libslash installed while you are at it. Once in game type /isat for a list of commands available and then type /isat options to bring up the menu.


If you are in a warband but don’t want ISAT to send them messages, IE: pug warband – un check the Send/Receive updates box on the options menu.

If you are in a co-ordinated warband with others you can check the Send/Receive update box. This will send messages to your warband regarding assists such as those coming from Pox in the following image.


You can see why it would be wise to turn this off in a large warband of people who are not working together as they might get sick of the spam every time you die or pick a target.

If you are the raid leader running a PVE instance or getting ready to assault a BO or keep you can issue a ready check with the button at the bottom right of the options window. There may be a way to macro this but I am unsure of it.

On your screen you should see 3 small icons. An eye,cross hairs and a mouth. The eye sends a message saying you are looking for a new target, you can look for one or your leader can assign one to you. The skulls and diamonds and other images help at this point. The cross hairs let people know you have a target and the mouth is a panic button. In pve and RVR especially this is important for your healers. If a healer has an enemy attacking them it says who it is and shows the person being attacked in a little panics window.

To assign someone to me an assist simply target that person and in the options window hit the + next to the position they should be in such and red main tank or red off tank.


If you are the only one using this addon, pick some people to assist and assign them to a spot, all you have to do is click that spot then to assist them. Make sure comms are off for this if you are solo in a pug warband.

To assist that person just click their name on your screen (not the options window) under the title ISAssistTracker. Your target will change to theirs. To assign an enemy target a raid icon simply select the target and click the icon. If you have communications enabled and they have this addon it will appear for group mates. Note the messages telling people my target and to assist me.


Once you have everything set up and figured out you can set a macro to have you assist any of the main assists. For assisting red you would assign the macro to a button or key binding etc. the macros are

    Red MT: /script ISAssistTracker.AssistRedMT()

    Red MT: /script ISAssistTracker.AssistRedOT()

    Orange MT: /script ISAssistTracker.AssistOrangeMT()

    Orange OT: /script ISAssistTracker.AssistOrangeOT()

    Yellow MT: /script ISAssistTracker.AssistYellowMT()

    Yellow OT: /script ISAssistTracker.AssistYellowOT()

    Blue MT: /script ISAssistTracker.AssistBlueMT()

    Blue OT: /script ISAssistTracker.AssistBlueOT()

The macro starts at the /

There is so much to this addon I cant go over it all, play around with it and work with your guild or group to use it effectively. There is a great set of instructions on the download page at


It really is a great addon and should be a must have for guilds in particular. Yes there could be some improvements and it could be made easier to assign targets and mains. But as of right now its the best I’ve used and works well. There are a lot more things you can do that what I’ve spoke on. So try it out and have some fun with it.

Oh one last thing, to move the particular elements around use the layout editor that is built in to Warhammer. This will let you put everything in a comfortable place to use.


Sorry for the delay, am working on a new review. Thursday, Jan 15 2009 

I’m working hard on a new review,  I am having some difficulty getting it typed up so that it makes sense. It will be up in the next few days.


Nominated for a greenie :-) Monday, Jan 12 2009 

Special thanks to those at http://thegreenskin.com/ for hosting such a unique award contest. Hopefully some people made use of the info here so far and are enjoying the addons they use. If you like what you see here and feel this site is worthy of your vote please cast it at http://thegreenskin.com/ Warhammer Addons Reviewed is under the blog section. There are several great choices to choose from, so vote for your favorite .

Thanks for all the support and nice comments.


Squared & ISHealbot – Made for each other. Wednesday, Jan 7 2009 

Welcome back to W.H.A.R. Again everyone. This week we take a look at two addons that work well together, Squared and ISHealBot . You don’t need to be a healer to enjoy the benefits of squared and its features, since there are other plugins for it that help you assist other players and hit panic buttons. This is one of those pesky addons where libslash is needed, so dont forget to install that also.

First install squared and ISHealBot (if you would like to click cast your heals).
Once in game, type /squared to bring up the user menu.

There are many setting you can change , have some fun and play around.  In its default state, it should work fine. You may decide to change some things. I was particularly fond of the debuff and H.O.T. Tracking and moved the indicators around a bit to suit my taste.

Squared includes a basic buff throttle with it and the default settings should work. You can increase the numbers to increase performance if you need. These settings are only for the squared unit frames. Its probably a good idea ( I could be wrong here) to also run BuffThrottle along with it.

Make sure Enable Range / Los fade is checked, a very nice feature.

If you screw something up and it doesn’t work well, just click the button that says “Reset Settings”. This will open a little box, in it click “Reset to Default”

IF you choose to use ISHealBot there will be a button to open its configuration menu.

ISHealBot is simple to use, decide on how you would like to cast a heal IE:shift + left click . You must use a left click since Warhammer doesn’t allow right clicking of unit frames (Would be nice Mythic). Now open your abilities tab and drag a heal to the corresponding combination. Heal away and make your realm mates proud .

Squared is a great addon. Its easy to use, user friendly and the settings are simple to understand and it works well. It was a very hard decision to decide to stick with Healgrid. It is very difficulty getting used to not having the HUD from Healgrid there with my icon and both friendly and hostile targets on it. They are two very solid mods and you cant miss with them.  Maybe a future version will include a HUD similar to Healgrid’s.  That would definitely make me convert, but for now I will stick with Healgrid.  It has more features and the HUD I’ve come to love so much. Either way you cant go wrong so try one out and see which you like best .


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